A new form and reporting formats to the FIU

Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area continues to reception a unified reporting forms from employers (RSV-1) for six months of the year 2015.

While UPFR informs that from 7 August the RPF takes accountability for half the year 2015 only on new form, with 10 August-only on new formats.

The programme for the preparation and audit, which greatly facilitate the process of preparing and delivering reports to payers of insurance contributions, are available for free on the site of the Pension Fund www.pfrf.ru in the section "electronic services".

A new form of RSV-1 adopted in connection with changes in the law about insurance premiums, so reporting of PCB-1 attention is drawn to the following:

In 2015 year ceased to effect reduced rates (and their associated codes categories of insured persons) that are installed for use in 2012-2014 to payers of insurance premiums referred to in paragraph 1-3 and paragraph 7 of part 1 of article 58 of the Federal law dated July 24, 2009 # 212-ФЗ "about insurance premiums to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the social insurance fund of the Russian Federation, the Federal compulsory medical insurance fund" (hereinafter-federal law No. 212-FZ):

-for agricultural producers that meet the criteria specified in article 346.2 tax code of the Russian Federation;

-for the organizations of folk art crafts;

-family (generic) communities of small indigenous minorities of the North, Siberia and far east of the Russian Federation, involved in the traditional industries of farming;

-for the organizations and individual entrepreneurs, applying a single agricultural tax;

-for payers paying insurance premiums, and other rewards to individuals who are disabled group I, II or III, in respect of the payments and compensations;

-for public organizations of invalids;

-for organizations whose share capital is composed entirely of deposits of public organizations of invalids;

-for payers of insurance premiums-Russian organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the production, issue in light of the (broadcast) and/or Media Edition (except the media, specializing in communications and advertising materials and/or erotic nature).

Amended article 58.2 of the Federal Law No. 212-FZ in part cancelled January 1, 2015 year base limit for the calculation of premiums for compulsory health insurance;

Federal law dated June 28, 2014 year no. 188-FZ (amending article 7 of the Federal law of December 15, 2001 No. 167-FZ) excluded rule necessary for paying premiums six months contracts with foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently or temporarily resident in the territory of the Russian Federation-the obligation of paying insurance premiums does not depend on the terms of the Treaty.

We remind you that from January 1, 2015 year Unified reporting required territorial authorities of FPR quarterly not later than the 15th day of the second calendar month in paper form and in the form of an electronic document is not later than 20 the number of the second calendar month following the reporting period (quarter, half year, nine months and the calendar year). If the last day of the period falls on a weekend or on a non-working holiday, the day of the expiration is considered the closest the next working day.

Thus, the latest dates, delivering reports in paper form in the year 2015 are 17 August and 16 November and when submitting reports electronically-August 20 and November 20. With respect to premiums, payers have broken deadlines for reporting, the legislation provides for the application of penalties.

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