In accordance with pension legislation, a statement on the appointment of citizen's pension may request at any time after the establishment of the right to or not earlier than one month before the rights to it. Applications for retirement are considered within 10 days from the date of filing of the corresponding application if it attached all required documents. Responsibility for providing the necessary documents to the pension of the Federal law "on labour pensions in the Russian Federation" conferred on the applicant. The main documents are passport, insurance pension certificate, labour book and certificate of salary, as well as, where necessary, other additional documents.

I wish to draw attention to the fact that very often when seeking pensions detected violations in obtaining work booklets, information about earnings, etc. d. requiring further clarification, and therefore additional time on their dooformlenie, what causes primarily dissatisfaction of citizens themselves and as a consequence of the prolonged process of pension, therefore, with a view to reducing the time a pension Office annually a list of the persons, retirees in the next two years, being an early work on the preparation of the documents for her appointment.

Subsequently, management specialists who are responsible for early work on the preparation of documents for a pension in accordance with the list of invited persons claiming soon on a pension with a specific package of documents. As the documents they verify whether all necessary retirement documents are what you need to provide further and, if necessary, according to a statement from citizens and assist in their discovery, helping to choose the most profitable variant of wages for calculating pensions.

Pay attention, conducting early work begins for the 6 months prior to the establishment of the right to a pension. And if by working citizens annually by employers are given lists of people leaving in the next two years to retire, it is much harder on the self-employed and the unemployed population. I would like to draw the attention of unemployed citizens who in the future the right to early retirement on 1.2 list of professions eligible for early pensions, persons with northern experience and also the parents of disabled children and mothers with large families who have given birth to 5 or more children and raised them to the age of 8. Information about this category of citizens has no Control, so invite them in advance for spending the early work on their documents is not possible and generally, this category of citizens is required besides basic documents a number of required supporting documents, vindication which, especially if work takes place outside the region for a long time, pushes the date of issuance of the decision on appointing pensions and accordingly its payment that creates some inconvenience to the claimants themselves in the first place.

Today I want to appeal to the citizens of the district applying for pension benefits in the near term, if you believe that you have the right to preferential pension provision in connection with the implementation of the work of a named List 1, list 2, or have the "Severny" experience or are a large mum, had 5 or more children, and educated them to 8 years of age or disabled from childhood, pensions which are appointed for 5 years earlier than the generally established retirement age achievements — men in 55 years women in 50 years to get pension in a timely manner, please contact in advance to include you in the list of persons, retirees in the next two years, and further verification and preparation of full package of documents for its destination Management specialists. 103 on at Church. Pavlovskaya str. Bitter 292 «а», тел. For more info call 3/16/80-16-80, 5/14/43-14-43.

Note I say that over the past two years, almost 100% of decisions on pensions, according to the documents, having passed the preliminary work, the 10-day period, this means that the first citizens pension received in a timely manner.

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