Another way to increase your pension

The basis of the current pension system in our country based on the principle of compulsory pension insurance. All citizens, employed, become insured. On the financing of pension insurance contributions, the employer must remit to the insurance (and for citizens, born in 1967 and under-funded portion of the pension) contributions in the amount of 20% of the amount of the fees and other emoluments not exceeding 415 thousand rubles in favor of one employee.

The peculiarity of the funded part of the labour pension is that the insured person can affect its size, by investing their savings in the financial markets for income. Income from investments shall be credited annually on an individual account. Upon reaching the retirement age of total funds accumulated on individual account pension payments are carried out. You can choose one of the ways of forming accumulative part of labour pension:

-through the RPF-selecting one of the operating companies, including one of the two investment portfolios of the State management company (Huk): portfolio of Government securities and advanced.

-through non-State Pension Fund, which carries out compulsory pension insurance (NPF).

When choosing NSPF you should first of all draw attention to the experience, the reputation of SPC on the market of non-government pension provision and on yield properties of pension savings. To date, most of the NPF is already more than 10 years, and they are successfully operating, maintaining and increasing the means of its depositors, despite fluctuations in the economy. In addition, you should be familiar with the "investment portfolio" selected NPF. The same is true of the CRIMINAL CODE. When choosing a management company to the insured persons should pay attention to the investment Declaration, proposed by the company. It is an integral part of the contract of trust management funds of pension accruals and establishes a list of the assets in which pension savings can be accommodated.

The right choice of the management company and the non-State Pension Fund may be implemented annually.

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