Article on maternal capital

  1. Question: can I send funds to maternity capital training in high school not the second, and first child?

Yes, funds can be directed to maternity capital education of any children, and not only that, the birth of which gave the right to maternity capital. You can use these tools to pay for teaching a child with any Russian educational institution. The main thing is that the institution had the right to provide appropriate educational services.

Question: can I dispose of motherly capital parts in different directions?

You can divide maternity capital funds. For example, some funds to send children to education, another part of the repayment of a loan for the purchase or construction of housing. You can also use maternity capital part, but the rest of the order to defer to a later period. The remainder will be subject to annual indexation is not used. I take this opportunity to note that maternal capital January 1, 2014 year has been indexed and amounts to 429,408.50 rubles.

Question: can I order means maternity capital 2016 years later?

Under current federal law requires that a child whose birth certificate gives right to maternity (family) capital, was born or was adopted until 31.12.2016 year. However, the certificate itself and order it means any time not limited

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