At the end of the 2010 year, I executed 55 years old and I'm going to retire. Called the Pension Fund, and told me that because I'm working on I need to refer to the issue of registration of pension. Why go to the enterprise, if the retirement pension fund appoints?

Indeed in the management of the pension fund work on the assessment of the status of those citizens of the documents, the right to a pension which arises in the course of the next year. This work is carried out Management specialists for the period from 6 to 12 months before they reach retirement age. In managing this work dedicated to the Cabinet on the ground floor of no. 103. In this cabinet there is a complete set of documents required for a pension, their legal assessment.

This work is conducted with disabled citizens or self-employed people. In order not to create large bursts into the Office, the Administration has concluded a number of agreements with enterprises of the district to collect personnel services of enterprises and providing us documents to form layouts pension cases. Submissions pass legal evaluation in the Office, and then when the need to clarify any information working citizens are invited directly to the Office. This action is being taken with a view to reaching retirement age when every citizen in the shortest time able to get compensated. The duty of collecting the documents required for a pension, lies entirely on the faces of the retirements. At the same time, in exceptional cases, at the request of the applicant management specialists can assist in the discovery of any missing documents. This assistance is carried out only when the filing of the written statement and specify the full and exact address of the enterprise, where it is necessary to seek the missing documents.

I take this opportunity, once again, I wish to draw the attention of citizens who do not work and will soon reach retirement age — think in advance on his pension, come to us in advance. And I would like to apply to future pensioners, who are entitled to pension prior to the established term in connection with the work with difficult working conditions or in special circumstances. This category of citizens encompass proactive work especially difficult, so I urge you to treat all documents to specialists who work in 305 Cabinet. This is where you will be able to give a qualified answer on the right to retire prior to the established term, check all your documents, advise what documents should I provide to confirm the addition of a period … This applies to both working and non-working citizens, quite often and HR professionals cannot always determine whether certain work is entitled to a pension earlier than the generally established retirement age achievements.

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