Attention to individual entrepreneurs, heads of KFH, lawyers and notaries

As of 01.07.2015 g. 1785 fixed payment payers are in arrears in the payment of insurance contributions for compulsory pension and health insurance coverage in the amount of 34.0 million. rubles, including debt before the year 2010 stands at 3.1 million. roubles, with 30.9 million in the year 2010. rudders. 2 years ' arrears increased to 18.0 million. rubles or 2.1 times. The presence of an entrepreneur's debt limits his pension rights during the period for which a debt, it is not borne out by experience, there is no investment income. Until the end of 2015 remains a little more than three months, during which you must pay insurance contributions for the current year and insurance contributions arrears, penalties and fines, if it exists.

Remind all except chapters KFH, if revenue in 2015 year exceeds 300 thousand. rubles, about need to pay premiums in the amount of 1% of the amount exceeding 300 thousand. rub for the settlement period.

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