More than 349 thousand federal recipients of Kuban preferred money to natural benefits

Krasnodar, December 11, 2017. In the next year 349 thousand 257 federal recipients of Krasnodar region will replace natural privileges with money.

Recall that the federal recipients, receiving a monthly cash payment, have the right to choose-to receive social services in kind or in monetary terms. Thus it is allowed to replace a set of social services with money completely or partially.

To date, more than 349 thousand citizens of Kuban have a monthly cash payment in accordance with federal legislation.

The right to free drug supply left 24 982 inhabitants of Kuban; 32 853 people are going to take advantage of sanatorium-resort treatment. More than 26,000 people reserved the right to free transportation.

To refuse a set of social services recipients could by October, 1, 2017 by submission of the application. Citizens who do not gunpowder to submit such a declaration will be able to exercise their right to choose only from 2018.

All citizens entitled to lump-sum payment (allowances) in Krasnodar territory more than 531 thousand people.

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