Change the order of formation and pension

and basic and Insurance Association) part of the pension, insurance

From 2010 onwards the basic part of the labour old age pension, on the occasion of the disability, survivors will be merged with the insurance. As a result, persons born after 1967 year, will consist of employment pension insurance and accumulative parts, more senior citizens-only insurance.

Combining the basic parts of the pension and insurance will not impact PA pensiii size does not require any action on the part of employees and retirees.

The Association is a direct consequence of elimination with 2010 year UST from which formed a basic part of the pension, and the transition to pay employers direct insurance contributions into the Pension Fund.

Merger will change the terms of indexation of pensions. If you increase the level of the base part is dependent on the rate of inflation, and insurance-to the level of growth of the average wage in the country, with the year 2010 an increase in the amount of the pension will depend on the level of the average wage in the country and the proceeds of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

With the year 2010 introduces a fixed base the size of the insurance part of the pension. It will be within the basic parts of the labour pension established on 31.12.2009, depending on the type of pension.

From 2015 onwards, when appointing the labour old-age pensions fixed base amount of insurance part of the pension will increase by 6% for each year of insurance in excess of 30 years for men and 25 years for women and decrease by 3% per year, missing up to 9 years. Shae.

b) social surcharges to the regional subsistence level

With the year 2010 will be legally established that the amount of the pension, taking into account other social payments (MONTHLY ALLOWANCES, additional material (social) welfare and measures of social support for citizens provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, in monetary terms) established by the pensioner must be not less than the subsistence level established in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to his residence or place of stay. For this non-working pensioners, whose total amount of material security is less than the minimum subsistence level will be appointed and paid Federal and (or) regional social supplement to the pension.

Currently, the average size of the labour pension already exceeds Federal subsistence pensioner (by the end of 2009 year will exceed it to third). At the same time, a number of pensioners pension lower than average employment pension. First and foremost, this applies to recipients of occupational and social pensions a survivor for one family member who is unable to work and disability pensions 3 group.

The size of the Federal subsistence level will be established annually by the Federal law on the federal budget for the financial year and for the plan period. The value of the subsistence level in each subject of the Russian Federation is established annually by the law of the Russian Federation and brought to the attention of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Payment of social pensions supplements will occur simultaneously with the pension.

To receive social pensions supplements a pensioner must submit an application for the appointment of federal social pensions supplements to the territorial body of the RPF in the place of residence, and if the regional minimum subsistence level above the Federal subsistence standard, the statement in addition, you must submit to the competent authority and the subject of the Russian Federation, which will bring the social supplement to pensions to the level of subsistence. minimum region.

For children with disabilities and children under the age of 18 years, after the appointment of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation pension survivor's pension in accordance with the Federal law "on labour pensions in the Russian Federation or the Federal law" on State pensions in the Russian Federation» Law provides for the establishment of social pensions supplements in bezzaâvitel′nom order.

change the order of establishment) pensions for persons with disabilities

From 2010 onwards the pension persons with disabilities will be set depending on the disability group, and not on the degree of disability, as was the case previously. This will increase the size of the pensions of those who have a disability group is higher than the degree of disability, as well as to appoint retired persons with disabilities who do not have the degree of restriction of the ability to work.

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