Collecting lists of retirees


Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area recalls the annual gathering lists of retirements in the next 2 years, as well as copies of documents for every insured person included in lists of data.

In the light of the foregoing, I ask up to November 1, 2016 to provide the necessary documents to the evaluation group of the pension rights of insured persons Manage FIU in Pavlovsk, cab area. 308.

List of documents:

1. Lists of retirees on a general basis or into early retirement in 2017,. and in 2018 g. (separately) in electronic form (on USB Flash Media) and printed from a file signed by a Manager and certified by the seal of the Organization (the file is located on the website Blanca-be sure to read the instructions before filling in the bottom left corner)

2. On all persons, the outgoing retire in 2017-2018 timeframe. -quality photocopy EACH PAGE-format on a SEPARATE SHEET and 4

(in vertical position):

a) passport (page with photo, name and address),

b) insurance certificate (plastic card),

b) workbooks — all pages in a row, except the blank sheets and records of awards and credit (write in pencil-erase before copying)

g) military ID (first two pages),

d) diplomas, and other documents about studying (full-time)

(e)) for women-marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, documents confirming the fact of the child reaches 8 years of age (help with school children on school certificates),

f) inquiries about salary before 01.01.2002. — subject to availability

h) preferential certificate (for outgoing into early retirement)

and other documents, confirming the work experience (if any).

and at the request of an abstract) HUD (see form. Annex 2).

to) If you have dependants (children up to 23 years, studying full-time)-copy of passport and SNILS child

Recordings made in pencil, erase.

Certify photocopies of these documents is not necessary.

Documents for each person to attach a file.

If persons, retirees no — submit a certificate signed and stamped the head (for example, "01.09.2016 g. persons, retirees on common grounds and into early retirement in 2017-2018 timeframe. There is no "stamp, ref. number stamp and signature of the Director)

If the package with the copies of documents to insured persons, uh. retire in 2017 was provided with a list of last year, again not to make photocopies of documents (prepare to List only, 2017.)



Request of the insured person

on the granting of discharge from an individual personal account

We require an extract from my individual personal account

Insurance # _-_-_ _

Name, specified in insurance ne ve

Фамилия ________________________________________________________

Имя ________________________________________________________

Отчество _________________________________________________________

Address indeks_________________adres_____________________________

жительства _________________________________________________________


фактический __________________________________________________________


Date of filling

«______»___________________________2016 г. Personal podpis′_________________

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