Continues reporting company for payers of insurance premiums

Manage FIU in Pavlovsk district of Krasnodar region continues to receive from employers a single reporting form in the RPF for the first nine months of the year 2016.
Recall that a single reporting should be in UPFR quarterly, no later than 15th day of the second calendar month in paper form and in the form of an electronic document is not later than 20 the number of the second calendar month following the reporting period (quarter, half year, nine months and the calendar year). If the last day of the period falls on a weekend or on a non-working holiday, the day of the expiration is considered the closest the next working day. Thus, the latest dates of deposit accounts for nine months in the year 2016 in paper form are 15 November, and when submitting reports electronically-21 November.
With respect to premiums, payers have broken deadlines for reporting, the legislation provides for the application of penalties. Urge employers not to do this at the last day. If the number of employees exceeds 25 people, accountability must be submitted electronically with the electronic digital signature.
The programme for the preparation and validation of a single reporting form, which greatly facilitate the process of preparing and delivering reports to payers of insurance contributions, are available for free on the site of the Pension Fund in the section "electronic services". In addition, you can use the electronic service of the RPF "Cabinet of the insured". There are all forms of documents, data formats, and validation rule statements. In the Office you can see the registry fees, get help on payments, make payment, calculate premiums, to issue receipts and more in real time.

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