Correcting errors on the overpayment.

To correct errors for overpayment on insured persons during the design year 2010 recommend using SPU_OPB program version 1.59 (OPFR developer for the Orenburg region).

To correct errors for overpayment on an insured person, you must download the program packs with information (only LS-6 *) as for the 1st half of 2010 year and beyond II half of 2010 year.

Why choose the menu item "service"-> import data-> RPF files. In the window that will open the file download tab of the RPF "make a mark" Upload details of the enterprise with the replacement of the current details»



The selected bundles are loaded one by one, on the import message history you can see bootstrap protocol.


After you download the packs choose item data entry-forms-CZV > 6-1 and BCR-6-2 (from 2010 on …)


In the window that opens, select the button "Percentage payment»



In the window that opens, enter the interest payment in the whole enterprise "put down the calendar year 2010, the reporting period 2 semester.

In the section "Payment" for the previous period interest payment for the first half of the year, taking into account the payments made for the I half of II semester (in the absence of debt for the first half year to 31.12.2010 percentage equals 100%).

In the section "Payment on current payments" indicates the percentage of the payment for the second half of the year as of December 31, 2011, but not more than 100%. Next, click the "Save" button.

To transfer the debt to produce the following steps: Choose in the menu "Tools"-"bulk operation" >-> debt payment "transfer CZV-6, SPV-1 at beginning of period



In the window that opens "bulk transfers of debt payment CZV-6 and DBS-1 at beginning of period" fill type documents-CZV-6, calendar year-2010, billing period-2, the type of information-source action in the presence of CZV-6 debt at the beginning is always transfer the debt to the original forms in the presence of debt for the previous period and the absence of a form in this period is to create a new form document. Next, click "begin copying" and produce a re-calculation.

      Next, select the menu "Tools"-"bulk operation" >-> "Recalculating the premiums CZV-6, SPV-1".

In the window that opens, specify the type of documents-CZV-6, calendar year 2010, the reporting period-2, category, type of information-all the actions finance charges-don't expect the payment validity contributions-transfer payment = (charge) * (% uplatyTP) + (debt at the beginning) * (% uplatyD).

Then perform uploading files by marking them beforehand.

You should check the bundle formed test programme.

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