How pensions will be appointed in the 2019 year

Krasnodar, January 15, 2019 year. 2019 Year in Russia begins the phased Raising the general age, The right to an insurance pension on the Old age and pension on the state Ensure. The law provides A smooth transition to new parameters, According to which the pension Age in 2019 increases by one Year. The real increase will be Six months – such a step will provide a special A benefit that allows you to assign a pension Six months before the new retirement Age. You can use it All who had to retire in 2019 year under the conditions of the former Legislation. Mostly women Born in 1964 and men of 1959 Birth, which the increase of pension Age touches first. By Benefits retire They will start Already since July 2019 year.

For Many Russians nevertheless pension Payments remain in previous age Borders. First of all it concerns To people with preferential treatment for early Retirement. For example, miners and Miners, rescuers, drivers Public transport and other Workers who are employed in heavy, dangerous and harmful working conditions for which Employers pay additional Pension insurance contributions. Most workers, like Earlier, retire in 50 and 55 years in Depending on the gender.

Grace Retirement is also maintained by the Teachers, physicians and representatives of Other professions to which payments are not appointed upon reaching the retirement Age, and after acquiring Neobhodimoj̆ Seniority. With the 2019 of the year, the appointment Pensions in such cases occurs with Taking into account the transition period to improve Retirement age that comes Effective from the date of purchase of Neobhodimoj̆ Seniority by profession. E.g School teacher who worked out in April 2019 Necessary pedagogical experience, Be able to retire in accordance with the Transition period through six Months, in October 2019.

As Before, for the purpose of pension in 2019 Year it is necessary to observe minimum and pension points requirements. The right to a pension this year gives 10 Years of seniority and 16.2 pension points. Should Also note that the increase in pension Age does not apply to pensions Disability. They are stored in Full and assigned to those who Lost the ability to work independently Age when establishing a group Disability.

Read more On changes in the pension system Available at the official The FIU website.

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