Debrief on the admission of individual information for the 2009 year.

The Office of the Pension Fund in Pavlovsk area finished campaign for reception from insurers information individual (personalized) accounting in the statutory pension insurance scheme for 2009.

As of March 1, 2010 year provided in the personalized reporting accounting UPFR 1016 policyholders on 28761 individual information.

59 insurers providing individual details, according to the statements of insurance contributions for compulsory pension insurance (TWR-11) for the year 2009 did not include premiums or premiums were produced at the rate of 50%, which is a violation of pension rights of insured persons and would reduce the size of pensions upon appointment and re-calculation of pensions for the year 2009, as well as insured persons will not receive 2010 year income from the investment of retirement savings. The Pension Fund Office will take the necessary measures to induce the policyholders data for payment of arrears on insurance contributions in full.

Feature current reporting campaign was an active representation organizations, entrepreneurs, heads of KFH personified accounting information electronically with the electronic digital signature (eds), including secure electronic channels of communication, including the Internet. On March 1, 2010 years reporting with EDS submitted 684 insured, representing 67.3%, or 66.6% of policyholders 677 passed electronically to EDS. Virtually all accounts with EDS submitted electronically. Such an organization and reporting technology has significantly reduced the work of both organizations and Manage FIU when taking and processing statements.

The Office of the FIU has sent business leaders, qualitatively prepared and timely passing the individual details of a letter with words of gratitude for fruitful cooperation.

Conducting accounting year 2009 campaign will provide policyholders with the preparations for the move to semi-annual (in 2010), and with the year 2011 quarterly reporting regime for personalized accounting.

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