Did you remember to pay the insurance premiums for the year 2012?

Before the end of the year there is less than a month, however, there are contributors, pay insurance premiums, based on the cost of insurance, which did not pay premiums for compulsory pension and health insurance in full for the year 2012, as well as contributors were owed on insurance contributions for past periods. We draw your attention to the upcoming changes in pension legislation, which will be taken of seniority, which is confirmed for this category of taxpayers when fully paid insurance contributions for compulsory pension insurance. The Office recalls that the final calculation for the year 2012 you must make, no later than 31 December of the current year. In this case, your pension rights will not be violated, and the insurance premiums will be promptly posted on your individual personal accounts. For information on the amount of insurance contributions and arrears amount nebhodimoj for the payment of insurance premiums for the year 2012 and the receipts for payment of the premiums can be accessed in the rooms Manage FIU 302.303 in Pavlovsk area.

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