Do not miss the opportunity to obtain State support formation of pension savings

From October 1, 2008 year Manage FIU in Pavlovsk district accepts applications from citizens for voluntary entry into legal relations for compulsory pension insurance for the payment of additional premiums on the savings part of the labour pension.

Citizens, who wrote the statement and still not paid additional premiums to lose the possibility of obtaining State support formation of pension savings, in addition to the lost meaning of application if you are not paying additional premiums.

Minimum annual contribution of citizen should make not less than 2000 rubles. In such a case, the State will make another 2000 rubles. Thus, the total amount paid to the personal account of a citizen to be 4000 rubles a year. Citizens who have paid up to 31 December of the current year, the amount is less than 2000 rubles are deprived of the right to receive State support formation of pension savings.

The maximum amount the State co-finances 12000 rubles a year. If a citizen pays more than 12000 rubles, e.g. 20000 rubles per year, the amount of public funding remains unchanged at 12000 rubles a year. For example, 20000 + 12000 = 32000 rubles a year.

In the program state co-financing of pensions to citizens can take part with 14 years and older without restrictions. However, for people who have reached pensionable age (women from age 55, men from 60 years), but not seeking pension, special conditions apply state co-financing of pensions.

If a citizen pays contributions yourself, you can enumerate them one-time payments. For example, in April 2000 rubles, and another list 10000 rubles in December. Either pay equal payments during the year, for example, 300 rubles a month or 1000 roubles per month. Payment of a personal contribution to the progressive part of the co-financing within the framework of the program you can implement yourself, by transferring funds to the budget of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation through the Bank or through the employer. Props for which transfer funds, you will be given the territorial administration of the Pension Fund.

If a citizen means lists employer (his statement), the payments will be made in equal installments on a monthly basis.

The program is designed for 10 years. During these years, the Government will co-finance funds transferred to the citizen.

Funds accumulated within the program state co-financing of pensions are inherited by successors in the event of his death in the same manner as that provided for retirement savings in the statutory pension insurance. Payouts are successors in that case, if the insured person died before the moment of retirement. This condition is stipulated in the law. Heirs will be able to get those funds, that listed the testator himself, and the money that the State doplatilo, and investment income from this money.

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