Documents Pu-6 version (06.07.2016)

Documents Pu-6 version (06.07.2016)
* When filling out a form, RSV-1 added a new mode-"MANUAL INPUT MODE" (completely disabled the main automatic calculations of fields and unlocked boxes). Manual input only, excluding amounts the previous reporting period, "renamed to" data entry without TAKING into ACCOUNT the amounts of the previous reporting period "
* Added function to memorize the last rooms formed the bundles include program administration section 
* Added context menu to the main tables
* Added option to print blank forms CZV-6-1, 6-2-BCR, CZV-6-4, BCR, DSV-3
* When the program starts, added check for file integrity settings in case of violation of the structure file is deleted and a new one is created with default settings
* When generating XML files with the use of staging bases (RSV-1, SPV-2, DSV-3), if the structure of the database file is broken, will attempt to automatically recover the database in the event of failure, it displays a message about the need to manually remove the database file
* When copying Form RSV-1, in a new form date signature is put today's
* When you unload the form CZV-m to an XML file for fields, NaimenovanieKratkoe, surname, name, patronymic of the circumcision occurs leading/trailing spaces
* When adding a new form CZV-m when substituting the month reporting on shifting 10 days from current date
-In the form of RSV-2 in subsections 2 and 3, if the control number SNILS equal to 0000, it is not persisted to the database, resulting in errors when uploading and printing
-Duplication restriction on adding multiple Forms CZV-m type Complements and abolishing the
-Fixed bug when adding new employee refusal of some forms.

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