"Wednesday" Available for all clients of the FIU

Krasnodar, October 20, 2017 onwards. One of the important activities of the Pension Fund's Office of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION for the Krasnodar territory and its territorial Offices of the FIU is to improve the level of services to citizens, including malomobilnoj. For the implementation of this activity, the Regional Office of the Pension Fund of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION for a number of years, is a party of the State program "Available Wednesday.

The main objective of this programme is the formation Wednesday, equally accessible to all members of the community in key areas of life, including by identifying and removing obstacles and barriers to accessibility by citizens to the physical environment ( buildings and constructions), transportation, information and communications, as well as other facilities and services open or provided to the public.

FIU Office of Krasnodar region together with the RPF in the cities and regions of the Kuban regularly undertakes work on adapting buildings to unfettered access limited mobility people.

An evaluation of the availability of the site, buildings and premises identified agencies all necessary "starting points" for the subsequent adoption of design solutions for the reconstruction of the buildings and their reequipping with required technical facilities and equipment.

Offices of the RPF in edge cities and districts developed and approved plans for reconstruction is buildings and premises and to ensure accessibility to limited population groups and assigned to the persons responsible for supervising performance and deadlines.

According to the Decree of the Ministry of social development and family policy in the Krasnodar region of 06.11.2012, no. 529, in conjunction with the administrations of social protection carried out monitoring availability of priority objects in priority areas the vital activities of the disabled.

Most of the Offices of the FIU in the towns and districts of Krasnodar Krai when entering the reception and waiting room for visitors are equipped with mimics, to ensure that the orientation and navigation disabled visually impaired customer service at the square, as well as beacons for blind and visually impaired, sound on phone-type informants machines, equipped with parking for transport of persons with disabilities, call buttons installed.

Manage FIU in edge cities and districts are equipped with lifts for disabled and mobile ramps, equipped in accordance with the requirements of the State program of the Russian Federation "Available Wednesday" to 2011-2015 Gg.

To ensure the availability of Offices for FIU limited mobility people work for applying tactile coating strips in the path of limited mobility people, rough (antiskolzjashhih) coating on the exterior stairs, pictograms, as well as informational panels made in Braille.

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