"Accessible environment" for all RPF clients

Krasnodar, 19 July 2018. One of the important directions of work of branch of pension fund of the Russian Federation on Krasnodar Edge and its territorial departments of RPF is increase of service level of citizens, including malomobilnoj category of the population. For the implementation of this activity, the regional branch of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation has been a member of the state program "accessible environment" for several years.

The main purpose of this program is to create an environment that is equally accessible to all members of society in key areas of life, including by identifying and removing obstacles and barriers that hinder citizens ' access to the physical environment ( Buildings and facilities), transport, information and communication, as well as other facilities and services, open or provided to the public.

The Department of RPF on Krasnodar edge together with the FIU departments in the cities and districts of Kuban regularly works on adaptation of buildings to unimpeded access of mobility groups of population.

As a result of estimation of availability of a site, buildings and premises of establishments all necessary "starting points" are revealed for the subsequent acceptance of the design decisions on reconstruction of buildings and their upgrading by necessary technical means and equipment.

RPF departments in cities and regions of the region developed and approved plans of measures for reconstruction and retrofitting of buildings and premises to ensure the accessibility of mobility groups of population and appointed responsible persons, exercising control over Implementation and observance of the dates of these events.

Most of the FIU offices in the cities and districts of the Krasnodar region at the entrance to the hall for reception and waiting for visitors are equipped with mimics, providing the ability to orient and navigate visually impaired persons in the area of customer service, as well as Radio beacons for blind and visually impaired, sound informants by the type of telephone-vending machines, equipped parking for disabled vehicles, the call buttons are installed.

Also, RPF departments in cities and regions of the region are equipped with mobile lifts for disabled people and ramps.

To ensure the availability of FIU departments for mobility groups of population are carried out work on the application of tactile coatings, lanes in the way of movement of mobility groups of population, rough (anti-slip) coatings on the outer staircases, application Pictograms, as well as information boards made in Braille.

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