Earnings for pension calculation

Q: when calculating pension Foundation took AMW for 2000-2001 years. Why the pension fund refused to prinât′2005-2006 years when my salary was considerably more?

Answer: the calculation of pensions is done by choosing a more profitable option of the pensioner's earnings for 2000-2001 years according to personalized or for any 60 consecutive months of work on the basis of documents issued in the prescribed manner the relevant employers, either public (municipal) authorities, but only for the period before 01.01.2002 year.

So it is determined by the law "on labour pensions in the Russian Federation". When receiving documents for pension, calculated previously management specialists and offers the most advantageous for pensioner payroll option.

It should be remembered that when calculating pension takes into account seniority only until January 1, 2002 year and staževyj in the presence of factor experience 25 years for men and 20 for women is 0.55, which is increased by 0.01 for each full year worked in excess of the experience, but not more than 0.75.

The ratio of the average monthly wage of a pensioner for period to the average monthly wage in Russia cannot exceed 1.2.

Basis for determining the amount of the insurance part of the labour pension is calculated pension capital, which is formed from the total amount of premiums and other receipts to the account of the insured in the Pension Fund, as well as pension rights in monetary value purchased before 1st of the year, based on length of service and salary of the applicant before the specified date.

Thus, wages after 01.01.2002 the year value is only calculated pension capital formation: the higher the salary, the more into the Pension Fund.

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