Electronic services FPR available for limited populations and people with disabilities

Malomobil'nye populations and people with disabilities can take advantage of e-services and the services of the RPF. All services provided by the FIU electronically, you can get on the official site of the Pension Fund of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION at the address www.pfrf.ru.

To do this, you must have a confirmed account on a single public service portal (www.gosuslugi.ru). If a citizen is already registered on the portal, you must use the login and password specified during registration.

For the convenience of citizens in many of Russia's pension fund client service specialists provide confirmation of account citizen who has passed the registration on the portal site services.

Currently, through the website of the Pension Fund of Russia can be:

  • get information on pension rights;

  • statement on the status of individual personal account;

  • assign pension change the way its delivery;

  • to apply for the appointment of MONTHLY ALLOWANCES;

  • get information and order a certificate of the amount of pensions and social benefits are installed, as well as an extract from the Federal Register of persons entitled to receive social assistance;

  • to apply for the extradition of the State certificate on the mother's (family) capital, about the disposal of the parent (family) capital, about a lump sum of funds parent (family) capital;

  • get information about the amount of (surplus) maternal capital;

  • order a certificate of the amount (balance) maternal capital;

  • calculate the future insurance pension given formed pension rights;

  • monitor payment of premiums by the employer;

  • find out who the insurer on formation of pension savings, and more.

In addition, the site allows pension fund without registration send an appeal to the FIU, make an appointment, order a number of documents.

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