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All services provided by the FIU electronically merged into a single portal on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia at the address https://es.pfrf.ru. For your convenience, the portal is structured not only by type of received services (pensions, session, maternity capital, etc.), but also access to it-with or without registration registration. To access the services related to personal data, you must have a confirmed account on a single portal services (www.gosuslugi.ru). If a citizen is already registered on the portal, you must use the login and password specified during registration.
A number of electronic services FPR citizen can get without registration: sign up to receive customer service the FIU, ordering the necessary certificates and documents, to send a petition to the RPF, to ask a question online, calculate their pension points for the pension calculator and form a payment document.
Pension Fund of Russia continues expansion of electronic services to obtain public services to citizens of the RPF without a visit to the Pension Fund.
In "personal cabinet" on the website of citizen Pension Fund of Russia opened an additional service that allows one click to get information on the Organization (insurer), in which you form your retirement savings. Know your insurer on formation of pension savings is important: he will pay cumulative pension, you should specify in the statement on changing insurer.
As we have informed, the insurer may make or the Russian Federation pension fund or pension fund, which is included in the system of guaranteeing the security of retirement savings. If you choose to manage your pension savings private management company, your insurer is still RPF.
If your insurer RPF, in the new section you will see the name of the management company, in trust which transferred to your retirement savings, and their amount, taking into account the result of the investment. If your insurer Pension Fund, you will see its name and face value your retirement savings passed to the NPF.
In "personal cabinet" on the website of citizen RPF also run services to appoint immediate and lump-sum payments from the funds of pension accruals. So now the citizens radio available all three types of payments to pension schemes: funded pension, immediate payment and the lump sum.
To receive payments from the funds of pension accruals must be matched by two factors: people should have the right to assign insurance pensions have means and retirement savings.
If pension savings citizen make up 5 per cent or less in relation to the total size of his pension, all accumulations are paid in a lump sum. Urgent payment may include only public co-financing pension or maternity capital funds, if mom-owner certificate forwarded it means for formation. The duration of such pension payments citizen defines himself, but it may not be less than 10 years. In other cases, pensions are paid in the most usual form-in the form of funded pensions, which is a lifetime.
Remote appointment of payments from the funds of pension accruals through «personal cabinet» citizen available to individuals that are shaping their pension through the Pension Fund of Russia. You can verify this in your personal cabinet. If the citizen generates pension through the Pension Fund, you must apply to the appropriate NPF.
In "personal cabinet" on the website of citizen Pension Fund of Russia opened a section for citizens living abroad, and that pension pension fund according to their place of residence abroad. In the new section of Russian pensioners living abroad can order a certificate of the amount assigned to pensions and actually made payments.
Pension Fund of Russia receive retirees in 121 countries around the world. Now their number is 288 k. of pension transfer abroad is carried out in respect of 137 thousand. man.
If a pensioner receives a pension on the territory of the Russian Federation, its size it can get in the familiar section Personal Cabinet "pensions and social benefits.

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