Pension Fund conducted legal assessment of acquired pension rights of citizens as of January 1, 2002 For conservation and accounting experience with employment until January 1, 2002 every inhabitant of the region, in addition to pensioners, the Pension Fund must provide "information about the seniority of the insured person during the period prior to the registration in the system of compulsory pension insurance. The working citizens the necessary documents must to Manage FIU organization which employs people, but face from among self-employed persons must provide the above information themselves. The availability of this information in the Pension Fund is very important, because information about seniority will be incorporated into individual accounts for each insured person and will affect the size of future retirement. On this issue, you can get advice in managing the FIU calendar. Pavlovskaya str. Bitter, 292a, KAB. 308, Tel. 11/3/51-11-51.

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