1. There is a lot of talk about pension reform. Well, now that the experience will influence pension and retirement age. Us with the girlfriend had to retire in the 1996-1997 biennium. At one time came under the reduction, and now have to live on a small pension. And because the whole labor-in credit, only one production over 25 years. And maybe we, children of war, make the recalculation of pension differently? (R.C. Larkin and S.i. Blikanova. Church. Pavlovskaya).
From January 1, 2015 year really introduces a new procedure for the formation of the pension rights of citizens and for the calculation of pensions in the statutory pension insurance. Employment pension converted into insurance and savings.
For the calculation of pension insurance under the new rules, introduced a new concept of "individual pension coefficient (pension points), which evaluates each year the employment of citizens. Pension points are calculated in the same way and for the socially significant periods of human life, during which he worked: military service conscripts childcare leave, the period of taking care of a disabled child, or a citizen under the age of 80, and other periods.
For current and future retirees, started his career before the year 2015, formed by pension capital transferred to points in order to recalculate and increase pensions for new pension formula. For citizens, pensioners until January 1, 2015 year when going to a new pension legislation takes into account the size of the monthly payment the insurance part of the retirement pension which he was receiving at 31.12.2014 year on the basis of the acquired pension rights, in other words on the basis of current experience, earnings, and same amount of premiums for each recipient. While fixed base size and cumulative part is ignored. The resulting sum is divided by the cost of one pension credits as of January 1, 2015 year-64.1. They were the points with which the citizen "entered" into a new procedure for the formation of pension rights and insurance pension calculation. If the recipient of the pension continues to work, each successive year will plûsovat′sâ points accrued from 2015 onwards.
When converting the amount of the pension was less than the pension received by the pensioner on January 1, 2015 year pension he continued in the same size. If size became higher, the payment was made from 1 January in larger size.
Note I will say that on the retirement may affect only the provision by the applicant of the period of work that took place up to 31.12.2001, posted for some reason for the purpose of retirement, as well as providing help on wages for any 60 months of employment, the same occurring up to 31 years, the ratio of earnings to be higher than those available in the pension business. In each case, such matters are dealt with individually to provide additional documents.

2. At the beginning of the year, raise pensions: employment and disability. I brought less than I expected. Explain, please, how many per cent and what pension increased. (A.M. Dybchenko. Church. Staroleuškovskaâ).

Annual amount of the pension is subject to indexing. Increase in pension index varies and is established by the Government of the Russian Federation. With the year 2010 indexation shall be conducted simultaneously for the whole amount of the pension. So, with 01.02.2015 years of pension insurance in the Russian Federation have been indexed at 11.4%. Social pensions and monthly cash payments, established federal Tihipko just indexed annually from April 1. In 2015 year social pensions were increased by 10.4%, the monthly payments at 5.5%. If as a result of an increase in the amount of the pension is increased to the index increase, other than prescribed, on this matter should contact the Pension Fund Management personally-109 and 101 Cabinet, either by phone 5/14/43-14-5-43 and 72-28.

3. Applied to the Pension Fund for pensions. To calculate the amount chosen 1986-1990 years. I have had a good salary, ranging from 120 to 190 roubles. For women it was nice, the Pavlovskaya considering that many had only 140 rubles. But the odds of that thought my pension was only 0.6. The pension will be about 8218 rubles. Why are there so few? And how much it was necessary to obtain that coefficient was greater? (V. Vasilyev. Church. Pavlovskaya).
The basic principle of pension legislation in the Russian Federation is the establishment of a pension in accordance with the results of every citizen on the basis of his seniority and salary, and since 01.01.2002. -paid insurance contributions for each employee with the FIU of the enterprise on which he worked. The more experience and earnings, the higher pension.
Earnings for pension calculation under clause. 2 tbsp. 30 17.12.2001, federal law. No. 173-FZ "on retirement pensions in the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Federal Act of 17.12.2001 g) can be taken into account for the choice of a citizen or for 2000-2001. According to the individual (personalized) accounting in the State pension insurance system, or for any 60 consecutive months up to January 2002 on the basis of documents submitted in the prescribed manner. These standards
are reflected in the Act of 28.12.2013 on insurance pensions» # 400-FL
The calculated size of the pension shall be calculated in accordance with art. 30 17.12.2001, federal law. by multiplying staževogo by the ratio of the average monthly wage from which pension is based on the average monthly salary in the country during the relevant time period and multiplied by the average monthly salary in the country approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in the amount of USD 1671.
When this ratio is 1.2 earnings limit. To determine the relationship of wages statistics are used for a particular person average monthly wage for each particular year, so, for example, in 1986, it stood at 206.1 rub. in 1990, 303.0 rub while your earnings ranged from 120 to 190 roubles.

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