Federal social supplement

From January 1, 2010 year in accordance with art. 22 of the Federal law dated July 24, 2009, 2011. # 213 of the AML/CFT law have made changes in federal law, 17.07.1999. No. 178-FZ "on State social assistance" the total amount of material security of a pensioner living on the territory of the Russian Federation and not carrying out labour activities cannot be less than the subsistence level established in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, where a pensioner.

Law of Krasnodar region "on the establishment of the pensioner's subsistence level in the Krasnodar region on the 2010 year ' no. 1845-CZ from October 27, 2010. the value of the subsistence level in the Krasnodar region on the 2010 year set at the sum of 4680 rubles per month.

When calculating the total amount of material support for the adoption of the decision on the appointment of pensioner social pensions supplements include: all types of pensions, supplementary material (social) welfare, monthly payment (including the cost of a set of social services), as well as other measures of social support (assistance), established by the legislation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in monetary terms (except for social support, submitted at once).

Moreover, paragraph 3 of the same article provides for integration of consisting of the total amount of the financial security of retirees cash equivalents measure of social support to pay for using the telephone, to pay for accommodation and communal services, travel on all modes of public transport (urban, suburban and intercity), as well as monetary compensation charges for these services.

Please note that during the period of the employment socdoplata is not possible. When joining retiree receives a social supplement must imperatively inform the Pension Fund. Otherwise, after the date of the information company where he worked, this fact would be identified and perepolučennye funds to be returned to the State.

This is exactly what is happening today in practice. Recipients of social renewal area is 2663 pensioner. State pays them a monthly 2,660,850 rub. However, in the first half of the year found 34 pension recipient, the continuing work and receiving support from the State. The amount of the overpayments for this period amounted to RUR 46292. All this money is returned to the State.

Let me remind you that in order to receive federal social supplements most pensioners is nothing else to do. Pension Fund and social protection bodies will calculate the amount of social supplements according to the information available to us. So, who is drawn to retire in 2010 year, federal social supplement is installed concurrently with pensions upon application of the citizen. The exceptions are persons receiving a pension through law enforcement agencies and individuals have interrupted their work in 2010, whose combined income below the subsistence minimum. They need to apply to the bodies of the Pension Fund.

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