From 2014 onwards uniform reporting to the FIU

From 2014 onwards, beginning with the reporting period Q1 2014 year payers introduces uniform reporting to the FIU, combining reporting unpaid and paid insurance contribution on the OPS and the OMC as a whole organization and individual information personalized for each insured person.

Transition to a single reporting form carried out to reduce the administrative burden on payers of insurance premiums. Uniform reporting introduced in the framework of the implementation of the road map in order to ensure ease of formation and reporting of insurers, as well as the creation of comfortable conditions for interaction of payers of premiums with the RPF.

Unified reporting format is introduced for all categories of insured persons-payers of premiums on the OPS and CBOs implementing payments and other remuneration of individuals. The first quarter of the year 2014 is the first reporting period for which insurers will report on the new reporting form.

When taking accountability Office RPF Pavlovsk area Unified accounts will be verified by a single software system, the audit expected formation of a single protocol for insurance contribution payer, reflecting the correctness of reporting.

When developing a single reporting form RSV-1 RPF takes into account changes in the law about insurance premiums, including in accordance with federal law No. 351 04.12.2013-FZ in part payment of insurance contributions from 2014 years single payment document, part of the differentiating premiums for additional tariffs in accordance with the Federal law of 28.12.2013 No. 421-FZ.

Unified reporting format will enable payers to make insurance premiums assessed information and insurance premiums paid in the whole organization and personalized information on insured persons, excluding their inconsistency.

RPF together with software developers plan in March to provide payers premiums free programs-training programs for data and the verification programme to assist in the preparation of a unified reporting to the FIU without increasing work on the part of the insured. All supporting programs as soon as they are ready will be posted on the website of the FIU in free access, as well as in the study of the payer-electronic service the FIU for payers of insurance premiums.

A single reporting form available on the website of the RPF and in specialized accounting systems.

Payers of insurance contributions from a number of self-employed persons are still exempt from reporting to the FIU drop-off except heads of peasant farms.

"A personal account of the payer" (LCP) is intended for all categories of payers of insurance premiums: to organizations, individual entrepreneurs and natural persons making payments and other remuneration for individuals (hereinafter referred to as employers) and individual entrepreneurs, lawyers, notaries, private practice, not paying and other rewards to individuals, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "self-employed taxpayers).

The possibility of requesting the LCP allows payers of insurance contributions in services:

"Information on the status of payments (monthly-for employers, by year for self-employed taxpayers) to control its own payment discipline, as well as a reconciliation of accounts with the RPF in terms of commitments and payments every month (year).

Help on payments receive electronically information on payments in the form of reference prescribed form pursuant to paragraph 7 of part 3 of article 29 of the Federal Law No. 212-FZ.

It should be noted that, in accordance with paragraph 7 of part 3 of article 29 of the Federal Law No. 212-FL help on payments issued within five days after receipt of the territorial authority of the FIU of the corresponding written request insurance payer. When accessing the help service on payments "in LCP the payer receives a certificate on payments in real time.

"Payments-receive payments register register payments for a specified period given the bitter decisions about discipline and refunds, including for remote checking of payments of premiums at the time of reporting.

"Verifying PCB-1» rent calculations RSV-1 without error the first time as a result of their prior checks not only the requirements of logical control and dimensioning, but data from the information base of the RPF authorities posted payments, as well as data from calculations of PCB-1 for previous periods.

"Payment order" with minimal effort to formalize a plan on paper, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, payment for payment from the account in cash premiums, penalties and fines for OPS and JMS.

"Calculation of contributions" to obtain information on the amount of premiums payable for the current year.

"Receipt" with minimal effort on paper alone, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, a receipt for the cash payment of premiums, penalties and fines for OPS and JMS.

«Personal cabinet» allows the payer to payer insurance payments save time preparing and reporting to the FIU, implement remote payment reconciliation, remote control of completeness of payments and reconciliation of accounts with the RPF in the section each month and carry the unmistakable payments to the FIU.

Number of services provided through the LCP, will expand.

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