Get SNILS per child

SNILS is the number of individual personal account of the insured person in the statutory pension insurance. When registering in the system of compulsory pension insurance on the insured person's name opened a personal account. Insurance number individual personal account is listed on the front side of the insurance certificate (a green plastic card) is assigned once and does not change until the end of his life even if you change the names or other personal data. SNILS became the only identifier of the personal data of the citizens in a system of exchange of information of all federal and regional departments of Russia. A certificate of insurance compulsory pension insurance is as important as the birth certificate, passport or health insurance.

Currently, insurance certificate is needed for employment, for the formation of pension savings and obtaining government support to get the parent (family) capital at birth children to receive State social services and benefits, for registration and payment of various benefits, appointing and receiving a pension. In addition, SNILS is compulsory props when registering citizens as users of public services portal

Children on an equal footing with nationals, have become parties to the system of mandatory pension insurance. Now for each child must be opened a personal account in the system of personified records of RPF.

To date, the Pavlovsk region has 14 218 children under the age of 18 years for compulsory pension insurance registered 12 724.

To obtain the insurance certificate for the child's parents should contact the Office of RPF in Pavlovsk District Office 306. You will need your passport and birth certificate of the child. If the child is over 14 years of age, he can apply to the Office of the FIU with his passport.

We inform citizens that the insurance certificate is issued not on the day of registration of documents to obtain it, and after 14 days from the date of submission of the questionnaire. So please contact us in advance, without waiting for the case when you need SNILS.

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