Getting ready for retirement pension in advance

Office of RPF in Pavlovsk area work is currently underway to provide all citizens with the right of acquiring the labor retirement pension soon, assistance in choosing a profitable option, average monthly earnings for pension.

The aim of this work is the early identification of missing documents required for a pension, and assisting in their discovery.

To calculate the maximum size of pension capital, which would be necessary to assign the labour old age pension, you must have the attitude of average monthly earnings of an insured person for 2000-2001, the average monthly wage in Russia is not below 1.2 (determined on the basis of the data extracts from individual personal account).

If the information available on the individual account for 2000-2001 years earnings ratio is below a specified ratio, it is recommended to submit to the territorial body of the RPF certificate on wages for any 5 consecutive years of employment before 01.01.2002. to enter it into the database and future use upon occurrence of pension rights.

For further consultations on this issue you can contact the Office of RPF in Pavlovsk area at: art. Pavlovskaya str. Bitter, 292-and KAB. 308.

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