How to get your retirement savings

In connection with increase in citizens on termination of the Program State co-financing of pensions, Manage FIU in Pavlovsk district of gives explanations.

A statement that the program will be canceled. All provisions of the programme strictly regulated by the Federal law of April 30, 2008 year # 56 on additional insurance premiums to the savings part of the labour pension and State support for the formation of funds of pension accruals. All obligations to the participants of the program remain unchanged and will be implemented in full. This primarily concerns the public co-financing commitments voluntary contributions from citizens.

Initially, the 2008 year was defined by law the urgency of the program: to join the program and make the first installment can be up to October 1, 2013 year. Then for another 10 years, introducing the program participant to the fund its future pension more than 2000 rubles a year, will receive a similar amount of co-financing from the State to your retirement account, but not more than 12000 rubles a year.

Thus, the main provisions of the programme of State co-financing of pensions are:

the program originally was urgent;

the period of entry into the program: from October 1, 2008 year to October 1, 2013 onwards;

program for citizen is valid for 10 years from the year of the first payment of contributions;

the first installment should make no later than September 2013 onwards;

annual contributions the participant less than 2000 rubles, or more than 12000 rubles not co-financed by the State;

to join the program is open to all citizens of the Russian Federation over 14 years, registered as insured persons in the statutory pension insurance.

Please note that count on State support of pension savings can only those citizens who turn in control of RPF in Pavlovsk area a statement about joining the voluntary pension insurance legal relationship prior to October 1, 2013 year. Later this date applications for participation in the program will not be accepted, unless otherwise prescribed by the legislation.

The application can be submitted:

personally, by contacting any of the territorial authority of the FIU;

through his or her employer;

through a single Web portal of public and municipal services (

Additional premiums you can enumerate:

yourself by listing means the RPF's budget through the Bank.

Payment receipt form with necessary details can be obtained by contacting the Office of RPF in Pavlovsk area, as well as available for download at (FIU website). Contributions can be transferred monthly, pokvartal′nymi payments during the year or once a year, at any time during the calendar year upon request.

through the employer. Your statement will be monthly accounting to hold your contributions from salary and remit them to the Pension Fund.

A citizen has the right to stop or resume payment at any convenient time within 10 years from the date of the first payment. If during the year, no amount is transferred, respectively, is not produced by State support. Since the resumption of payment-produced co-financing on the part of the State. Listed additional contributions and State co-financing comes to the FIU and allocated to individual personal accounts funded part of the pension of the insured person.

From July 1, 2012 year Pension Fund began to appoint and pay part of the pension accumulation. When calculating payments and voluntary contributions from citizens, as well as the amount which is co-financed by the State. In the year 2012 Running RPF Pavlovsk area assigned to payments from the funds of pension accruals 437 insured persons totalling 1 million. 614 thousand. 587 rubles.

Citizens who have formed retirement savings, if warranted (a pension on reaching pensionable age, anticipatory employment pension) are entitled to apply to the pension fund or pension fund (in the case of contributory pension at the time of the pension was shaped through the NPF) for the appointment and payment of pension savings. Appointment of payments is declarative in nature.

At retirement, a citizen can get their retirement savings that were generated within the program:

in the form of a lump-sum payment if the accumulative part will be 5 per cent or less in relation to the size of old-age pension;

in the form of immediate pension payments, the duration of which a citizen identifies itself, but it may not be less than 10 years.

in the form of payments of accumulative part of the labour old age pension, that is, indefinitely, subject to the conditions of the appointment of the labour pension for old age, including early.

An important feature of the immediate pension payments is that, in the event of the death of a citizen, even after assigning such payouts, the unpaid balance of the funds of pension accruals is entitled to his successors.

Detailed information about the program state co-financing of pensions can be obtained on the websites and

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