I am the father of a disabled person since childhood, but living apart from the child. My wife recently died. Am I eligible for early retirement?

Anticipatory old age employment pension is assigned to one of the parents of a disabled person since childhood, his traveling Salavat yulaev, before reaching the age of eight. The man in this case, can retire at 55, woman-in 50 years, if they have an insurance record of at least 20 and 15 years respectively.

As a document that confirms the child's upbringing until the age of eight, is help housing authorities or bodies of local self-government and other documents containing the required information and, if necessary, the Court's decision on the establishment of this fact.

Family Code says that if a person does not live with her baby, in this case, the form of the exercise of parental authority is to participate in its upbringing. The degree of participation of a parent who lives separately in the upbringing of the minor may vary and depends on the specific circumstances.

Thus, the right to early labor retirement pension does not depend on a child lived with a parent jointly or separately from it.

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