Improving the pension system

One of the main priorities of State social policy is to improve pension provision for citizens of the Russian Federation. Despite the difficult economic conditions, the State guarantees the fulfillment of all the social obligations to current and future retirees.

      January 1, 2010 year, changes come into force two federal law aimed at further improving the pension system. According to them, will be reassessed the pension rights of citizens (valorization of pensions), ESN will be replaced by insurance contributions to extra-budgetary funds, minimum pension, taking into account other social payments will be fixed at a level not lower than the subsistence level established by the constituent entities of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, the basic part of the pension will be combined with insurance and set new rules for pension indexing.

      Future conversions are not a new reform of the pension system. We are talking about its improvement and development in the interest of citizens in order to improve pensions and the creation of a balanced and transparent pension system.

      During the implementation of a range of legislative measures to improve the pension system, in most cases, the citizen does not need to take any action. All recalculations, except for some will be produced automatically without additional statements on the part of citizens, taking into account all the documents available in the pension business.

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