In the program state co-financing of pensions entered more than 500 residents of Pavlovsky district

542 citizen Pavlovsky district entered into a programme of State co-financing of pensions since its launch. Of these 113 people had applied to join the program in year 2010.

In General, January 1, 2009 year-since the beginning of the program state co-financing of pensions-accession of 3 million. people across the country.

Recall that a member may rely on public co-financing of their retirement savings, if during the year will transfer to the fund its future pension from 2000 to 12000 rubles. In this case, the State will double the money. You can pay monthly or one-time payment, both through the accounting of your company, and through any bank. Third party co-financing may act by the employer.

To join the program state co-financing can every Russian party system of compulsory pension insurance. Application for entry into the program can be submitted to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation personally or through their employer (required by law to take the statement and transmit to the FIU).

On the website of the Pension Fund opened a section where you can download the application form, as well as detailed instructions for completing it. In the same section, anyone can download forms payment receipts for contributions within the framework of the program of co-financing pension details of regional offices of the savings bank. If you want to contribute through another bank, you can download the payment information Office RPF Krasnodar region and present them to a cashier of the Bank through which payment. In addition, form the payment receipt with the details can be obtained from the Pension Fund. This year, for the first time data on the voluntary contributions of citizens for the year 2009 and co-financing with the Government and employers are reflected in notices to the FIU about the status of the individual accounts of Russians (colloquially, "letters of happiness"). Their newsletter Pension Fund of the Russian Federation concluded in September this year.

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