In the year 2015 means premiums for compulsory pension insurance in full will be directed to the formation and financing of insurance

Krasnodar, August 11, 2014 years. By the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation, all contributions for compulsory pension insurance (OPS) in the year 2015, as well as in the year 2014, will be directed to the formation of future pensioners pension insurance. About the "freezing retirement savings more.

-What will happen to the funded pension and with already existing pension?

-All accrued benefits that you already have on citizens ' pension account, reserved for those citizens continue to be invested and will be paid taking into account investment income for all years of investing them in retirement. The procedures for the appointment and payment of funds of pension accruals is not changed. To calculate the amount of funded pensions retirement savings shares on the expected period of payment funded part of the labour pension. The period of expected pension is established by federal law. To continue payment of pension savings funds (lump sum pension payment, urgent payment funded part of the labour pension).

-Where better to direct payments of premiums, which makes employer-funded insurance or pension? What is the fare to choose-0 or 6%?

-In 2014-2015 years citizens, born in 1967 and younger is the right choice of pension provision in the statutory pension insurance: continue building retirement savings (tariff 6%) or to desist from further formation of funded pensions, thereby sending all the insurance premiums that employers pay for them, on the formation of insurance.

Once you have made your selections, you must submit an application to the Pension Fund of Russia. If you have never filed a declaration of choice of NPF or the management company and do not make choices in 2014-15, all contributions will flow on the formation of insurance.

In case of refusal from the formation of the retirement savings of all previously generated retirement savings will be invested and paid in full when you get the right to retire and seek her appointment.

When choosing pension options it is important to know that having decided on the formation of the funded pension you reduce pension rights on the formation of the insurance part, and vice versa.

In case of formation of pension savings of maximum annual pension factor-10 If you continue to shape-6.25 (2021).

Pension insurance is growing faster than cumulative. Exactly the same happens with pension rights of citizens who today form the future pension. Funded pension is not indexed by the State. Yield of pension savings depends solely on the results of their investment.

What SPF is best to choose to invest retirement savings?

-Yield retirement savings depends solely on the results of their investment by non-State pension funds and management companies, i.e. There may be losses. In case of loss the amount guaranteed only paid by the employer for the employee premiums, i.e. disbursement of pension savings "at par".

Increased insurance in recent years, two times higher than the average return on investment of pension savings of non-State pension funds, which is even lower than inflation.

-What will happen to the funded component after the year 2015?

-World experience shows that countries reduce public savings programs. The Baltic States, Hungary and Argentina "nullify" the relevant tariffs (in this case Hungary confiscated formed retirement savings). Poland drastically reduced the tariff from 7.4% to 2.3%, Kazakhstan renounced the use of non-State pension funds, creating a State Pension Fund, which distributes the funds of pension accruals between competing private management companies. Worldwide basis pension system accounted for pension insurance, which covered a large part of the population. Pension savings are mainly distributed outside public pension systems. They are in TN voluntary segment, in which the employer and the employee independently form the cumulative pension. These programs are not forced to work in the civil field, pension funds are the property of the workers.

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