In the year 2017 the amount of the subsistence level of the Kuban pensioner will be 8478 rubles

From January 1, 2017 year value of the subsistence level in the Krasnodar region will be 8478 rubles.

Just such a pensioner's subsistence minimum set by law of Krasnodar region from November 17, 2016 # 3492-CZ. If the aggregate material income disabled pensioner reaches 8 478 roubles (year 2016-8418), with January 1, 2017 onwards it will be implemented by the federal social pension to supplement this value.

Under the combined income of the pensioner material means any of the following payments: pension, extra maintenance, monthly cash payment (including social services), other regional social support measures established in monetary terms as well as cash equivalents provided social support to pay for use of telephone, accommodation and utilities, travel on all modes of public transport, as well as cash compensation charges for these services.

The size of the federal social surcharge individual for each disabled recipient of pension, depending on what amounts to the minimum subsistence level is not enough.

If you increase the size of pensions or other payments size federal social supplements be revised downwards or its payment ceases in case if the total amount of material welfare pensioner exceeds the minimum wage.

Add that when joining a pensioner receiving federal social charge, is obliged to inform the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the place of residence. Payment of surcharges for the period work will be suspended. Otherwise, the Pension Fund is obliged to withhold federal social amounts paid unduly.

After termination of employment, the pensioner again becomes entitled to socdoplatu. To resume the payment of federal social surcharges are needed to apply to the territorial body of the Pension Fund.

Note: in the Krasnodar region federal social supplement to pensions receive more than 243 thousand pensioners.

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