Information for future pensioners.


At the end of the 2010 year, I executed 55 years old and I'm going to retire. Called the Pension Fund to clarify, when I approached with documents for verification. I responded, because I've been working on this issue, you must contact the personnel department at work. Why should contact the human resources department, if you retire appoint pension fund?


According to art. 19 the Federal law "on labour pensions in the Russian Federation" No. 173-FZ occupational old-age pensions shall be granted from the date of the pension, but not earlier than the date of occurrence of the rights to it.

Day treatment for labor pension shall be the day of admission body responsible for pensions, relevant application with all necessary documents, pay attention with all the necessary documents. A petition about pension granting is not later than 10 days from the date of receiving the application.

In practice are faced with such a problem that when applying for a pension, the claimant is not the complete package of documents and often have to correspond with third-party organizations located outside the region, and the Russian Federation, that requires a certain time, and as a result, delayed a pension.

In order to avoid situations of Pension Fund Management data is organized and conducted by proactive work on the assessment of the status of citizens, the right to a pension which arises in the course of the next year. This work is carried out Management specialists for the period from 6 to 12 months before reaching the retirement age of the insured person.

For the convenience of working citizens management concluded a number of agreements with enterprises in the area of providing lists of retirements in the next two years and giving us a full package of documents for registration of layout of the pension cases. The papers undergo a legal assessment in the management. In the case of the missing documents or comments on their registration (entries in the work book is not certified by a seal or seal is not readable, not the facts of the reorganization of the enterprise, there are regular fixes work book, specifying the help feature in the cut with pension legislation, etc. d.) through specialist of the HR Department, the complainant shall be notified of the need to submit additional documents, or invited in the Office. On the application of the pensioner when specifying addresses and the exact name of the Organization, where the work of the experts of the Office assists in the discovery of missing documents. This action is being taken with a view to reaching retirement age when every citizen in the shortest terms could get compensated.

I take this opportunity to draw the attention of citizens who do not work and will soon reach retirement age — think in advance on his pension, come to us in advance. For your convenience, the Office on the ground floor have a dedicated office no. 103, where you need to apply for verification of documents required for a pension.

And I would like to apply to future pensioners, who are entitled to pension prior to the established term in connection with special working conditions.

This category of citizens encompass proactive work especially difficult, so I urge you to treat with existing documents for verification no later than 12 months prior to the establishment of the right to a pension in room # 308 located on the 3 floor of the RPF in Pavlovsk Management area. Especially those citizens who experience worked out long ago. Management specialists will give you expert advice on the right to early retirement, will check all available documents, tell you what documents you need to provide advanced, and, if necessary, assist in their discovery. Quite often when seeking anticipatory pension offset in certain periods of employment on one record in the work book is not possible, there is a need to provide a number of clarifying the conditions and the fact that works of reference.

I wish to draw particular attention to the fact that according to the norms of pension legislation provide missing documents required for a pension, is the responsibility of the applicant, and not of the Pension Fund, which can provide only assistance in their discovery. I would also like to recall that information about experience and earning citizens Manage FIU offers only from the date of registration in the statutory pension insurance scheme if the employer is regularly and in good faith, and because seniority and salary are two major factors impacting on the right and the size of pensions and, above all, for the future of the pensioner to the entire period of employment was counted and picked up the most advantageous option for the conversion of salary pension rights and we will help you with this, for this purpose, and proactive management of work organized by the RPF in Pavlovsk area.

Zam. Chief of administration of the RPF in Pavlovsk District V.v. Bespalaâ

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