Information for participants of the program state co-financing retirement savings.

Manage FIU in Pavlovsk district of Krasnodar region, recalls that in order to qualify for State co-financing retirement savings in the year 2017, it is necessary to carry out payments from 2000 to 12000 rubles to 31.12. the year 2016.
It is important! The right to receive State support to formation of pension savings are citizens who applied for voluntary entry into legal relations within the framework of the program state co-financing retirement savings in the period from October 1, 2008 year on December 31, 2014 year and made their first payment until January 31, 2015 year.
Federal law dated 30.04.2008 No. 56-FZ «about additional insurance premiums on savings and State support for the formation of pension savings "lets the grantee programs, made at least one donation how to suspend payment of contributions, and to resume it. Those who failed to make the first payment until January 31, 2015 years or filed an application for entry into the program after December 31, 2014 may make additional contributions through their future retirement. But their contributions public co-financing pension savings will not be eligible.
Make a payment on account of Programs, citizens can both through credit institutions (banks) or through your employer. To list yourself through a Bank, you must receive the payment receipt with the details in the management of the RPF in Pavlovsk area (room 306) or download on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia To pay for the program through your employer, you must apply to the accounting organization and indicate the size of the monthly payment.
Detailed information about the Program State co-financing retirement savings-on the site, the monitoring of contributions can be made in the «personal cabinet» citizen.
Note in the program state co-financing retirement savings in Pavlovsk area involved 913 people.

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