Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area recalls the need for the provision of quarterly report on preferential Lists occupations and positions for quarter 1, 2016.
Reception of documents is conducted in the same manner in accordance with the approved plan.
Have all documents with a list of preferential professions for quarter 1, 2016. : the final form, list the names, orders, staffing, tariff and other lists (as well as during the previous reporting period), and e-file list for quarter 1, 2016.
In addition, all documents must be prepared and scanned (for insured persons who have signed the agreement on electronic collaboration).
Scanned documents should be in JPG (JPEG image). PDF does not represent!
Every document must be scanned separately and have the name of the content (for example, a list of units ordered at Ivanovu1, request for Ivanov 2, etc. p.).

Please specify the availability of the new software
on the Web page of the Office according to the FIU Krasnodar territory, or

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