Information for policyholders

Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area reminds policyholders to provide preferential Lists occupations for 2 sq., 2016.
Reception of documents is carried out in accordance with the approved schedule. When filling out the list and the nominal list, please adhere to the following recommendations:
1.    For health care workers (code 30 cm, 30SMHR)-in "Conditions of work must be stated" implementation of medical activity "
2.    For teachers (30PD code)-If you are in 2-piece positions, for example, "the Deputy Director on educational work" and "teacher" Please list the person shall indicate on the two positions (IE.    (e). do not merge the posts and don't summarize rates).
For example, Anna Nikolaevna Ivanova-
"The Deputy Director on educational work"- -30 PD 0.5 calendar.
Teacher-30PD 0.85 art.
SCHOOLS-Deputy Director, included in the list in the "conditions of work"-append "activity is directly related to the educational process, work with children.
3.    All the professions in the heading "supporting documents" append "employment agreements, additional agreements»
4.    Instead of "ADMINISTRATION" should indicate the code "NEOPL"
5.    SCHOOL Director on periods of "VRNETRUD" and "DLOTPUSK" in the column "number of hours", specify 0.
6.    In case if the benefit recipient worked well during the quarter and not on a preferential positions some period, then you must specify this period without code!
For example, chaperone 01.10.2015-03.10.2015——–(without code)
primary school teacher 04.10.2015-30PD 31.12.2015 1 art.
Electric welder 01.10.2015-30 28.11.2015-2 23200000-19756
locksmith 29.11.2015-31.12.2015–(without code)
4.    In the list of-charge have been coming. occupations list no. 1 and no. 2 (for those who have a specified feed 30 codes-1, 30-2, 30-5, 30PŽ) in the "supporting documents" for professions, which have already been carried out FROM 1998, add related documents, for example, "Map. assessing working conditions-final class 3.1 ".     And in occupations for which CERTIFICATION is still valid-also specify a document, for example, "map of certification places is valid to 31.12.2016 g."

List of documents is the same as for the previous reporting period: copies of orders (orders to leave, you can not make), tariff lists, staffing, new Charter etc.    p.  .
On a thumb drive and folder list file with scanned documents in jpg format.

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