Information for policyholders

Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area reminds policyholders with State workers, full-time employed permanently in special and hazardous working conditions, the need to provide accountability for quarter 4, 2012. the evaluation team of the pension rights of insured persons, room 308, Tel. 11/3/51-11-51, 5-72-27.
Reception is conducted in accordance with the schedule. You should have:
1. Printed: final form, a list of preferential professions and positions for 4 apt. 2012, 2 nominal List of insured persons employed under special conditions of employment for 4 sq.m., 2012. (the new version has the option to print 2 species list: General list and in departments).
New version of the software "list of preferential professions and positions (Perechen 1.03) is located on the Web page of the RPF Branch in Krasnodar region (Rerechen 1.03).
2. Electronic files "list of preferential professions and positions for 4 apt. 2012", formed a new version of the program Perechen 1.03.
3. Certified photocopy of admission, dismissal orders, transfers, providing academic leave, leave without pay, on refresher courses, etc. p. -for privileged persons, for the period from 01.10.2012. by 31 December 2012.
4. temporary help employees in alphabetical order, with an indication of the period of work, post, rate, no and date of the order, as well as specify instead of whom worked (cooked separately, not in the program).
5. Certified photocopies of the staffing table, the tariff list, etc. dock-operating 4 sq.m., 2012. (if not previously provided)
6. Certified photocopies of statutory, technical, etc. documents (if not previously provided)

Note: the names (2 kinds!) must be printed in alphabetical order! Must be the signature of the Manager, HR specialist and accountant (with explanations and telephones).

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