Information for policyholders

UPFR in Pavlovsk area reminds policyholders to submit lists of preferential professions and positions, as well as the nominal lists of insured persons employed under special conditions, for 1 sq., 2014.

Please note that insurers who have the "agreement on cooperation and coordination in providing the documents necessary for a pension to employees of enterprises (institutions) provide necessary documents on telecommunication liaison channels.

Insurers until entering into the above agreement to provide documents in the old format OPPZL Group Management FIU in Pavlovsk, cab area. 308.

List of documents necessary for the provision of:

  1. Printed, signed and sealed:

and final form)

b) preferential list of occupations and positions for 1 sq.m., 2014

admission List 2) insured persons employed under special conditions of work 1

sq, 2014. in alphabetical order (a general list and in departments). The Accountant responsible for the surrender of individual information yourselves make the inscription "with all the information specified in the list shall agree and assure his/her signature with details and contact phone.

At present day version on "preferential Lists occupations and posts from former, which prepared reports for 4 apt. 2013, however, recall that when preparing the report, you must once again make sure that the version is not updated. In the case of update-new software "list of preferential professions and posts and to upgrade program will be located on the Web page of the Office according to the FIU Krasnodar territory, or

  1. Èlektronnyq file list soft professions and posts per 1 sq.m., 2014. "

  2. Certified ksrerokopii orders for admission, dismissal, transfers, providing study leave, leave without pay, on training, labour holidays, orders for equipment, job descriptions, etc. p. -for privileged persons, for the period from 01.01.2014 g. by 31.03.2014 g.

  3. for educational institutions and health care-for temporary workers-help in alphabetical order, with an indication of the period of work, post, rate, no and date of the order, as well as specify instead of whom worked

  4. Certified photocopies of the staffing table, the tariff list, etc. docking in operating in 1 sq., 2014. (if not previously provided)

  5. Certified photocopies of statutory, technical, etc. documents (if not previously provided)

  6. Certificate confirming the payment of premiums for additional tariffs on represented persons working in special conditions, eligibility for early labor retirement pension in accordance with pp. 1-18 Church of 17.12.2001, 27. No. 173-FZ per 1 sq.m., 2014. (old format)

-Copies of payment orders for January, February, March, 2014.

Documents (scanned), as well as file of the list may be provided on telecommunication liaison channels (as in the surrender of individual information during the reporting period, only in the bookmark "letter").

Rules of electronic images of documents set out in the Agreement on cooperation and coordination in providing the documents necessary to assign pensions» (hereinafter-the Agreement) section III, subsection 3.1.5.

To electronic documents, electronic signature certified by the authorized persons, subject to the requirements of the Federal law of 06.04.2013 g. No. 63-FZ "on electronic signature legally equivalent to paper-based documents, certified the appropriate signatures and seal.

Documents are scanned in the expansion of 300 dpi (300 dpi), color image with cropped fields. .. Documents must be submitted as JPEG files. File name extension must be in lowercase, in Latin (*.jpg). The compression ratio is 40-60%. The total size of scanned files that are attached to a single message, should not exceed 10 megabytes. The subject of the message shall consist of the letters gaglavnyh. Every document must be scanned separately. For each package of documents shall be accompanied by documents sent to the registry. Each document contained in a package of documents to be signed by electronic signature (EP) of the authorized employee of the policyholder.

Please note that after sending documents electronically, you have to track the receipt of notification of ADMISSION list or NOTICE ERRORS or MISSING documents. Errors must be fixed, and you promptly report redirected.


Starting with the next reporting period, policyholders who have concluded the agreement, letters on the granting of preferential Lists occupations and necessary documents will be sent by telecommunication liaison channels at the end of each quarter (i.e., in June, in September, etc. d.).

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