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Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area recalls the need for the provision of quarterly report on preferential Lists occupations and positions for 3 sq., 2015. and lists of persons, retirees in 2016-17 years.

Reception of documents is conducted in the same manner in accordance with the approved plan.

1. Have all documents with a list of preferential professions for 3 sq., 2015. : the final form, list the names, orders, staffing, tariff lists, map specocenki working conditions (except honey. And ped. length of service) and others (as well as during the previous reporting period), and e-file list for 3 sq., 2015.

In addition, all documents must be prepared and scanned (for insured persons who have signed the agreement on electronic collaboration).

Scanned documents should be in JPG (JPEG image). PDF does not represent! Every document must be scanned separately and have the name of the content (for example, a list of units ordered at Ivanovu1, request for Ivanov 2, etc. p.).

ATTENTION! Today there is a renewed version of "preferential Lists professions and positions."

New software and how to update the program is on the Web page of the Office according to the FIU Krasnodar territory, or

!!!!!! Before download update-copy old program and hide separately (to avoid removing data for past time).


  1. Lists of retirees on common grounds, 2016. and, 2017. (separately)-electronically and printed from a file signed by a Manager and certified by the seal of the Organization (the file is located on the site stationery.)

  2. Lists of persons going into early retirement in 2016 g. and, 2017. (separately)-electronically and printed from a file signed by a Manager and certified by the seal of the Organization (in the "lists of preferential professions-future pensioners")

4. On all persons, the outgoing retire in 2016-2017 timeframe. quality photocopy EACH PAGE-format on a SEPARATE SHEET and 4

(in vertical position):

a) passport (page with photo, name and address),

b) insurance certificate (plastic card),

in) labor books — all pages in a row, except the blank sheets and records of awards and credit (write in pencil-erase before copying)

g) military ticket (first two pages),

d) diplomas, etc. documents about studying (full-time)

(e)) for women-marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, children

f) available information on wages

h) preferential certificate (for outgoing into early retirement)

and other documents, confirming the work experience (if any). A full list of documents specified clause 2.6 of the agreement on cooperation and coordination in respect of the submission in the dock for a pension.

and at the request of an abstract) HUD (see form. Annex 2).

Recordings made in pencil, erase.

Certify photocopies of these documents is not necessary.

Documents for each person to attach a file to. ..

If persons, retirees not — provide a certificate signed and stamped the head (for example, "01.10.2015 g. persons, retirees on common grounds and into early retirement in 2016-2017 timeframe. no stamp, ex No., date, stamp and signature of the Director).


Signers insurers on electronic collaboration, also provide telecommunication links (in the letter) scanned documents on the outgoing retire in 2016 g. (if not previously provided), and on the outgoing retire in 2017,. -pass only lists and photocopies of documents scanned documents on them give in January 2016 onwards.

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