Information for participants of the program state co-financing of pensions

Information for participants of the program state co-financing of pensions.

In the year 2015 co-financing programme continues to operate for its participants. Subject to the first installment in the period 01.01.2009. by 31.01.2015 g. they can count on public co-financing within 10 years from the year of making your first deposit if enumerate annually not less than 2000 rubles. While the Federal law governing the Program, provided that if a member already has made a voluntary contribution at least once, in any subsequent year commits no voluntary contribution, then the next year, he has the right to resume their voluntary contributions and they will prosofinansirovany the State provided that the amount will be from 2000 to 12000 rubles. In addition, you can join the program and now by filing into the Pension Fund. However, citizens entered into the program in year 2015 to replenish savings retirement can only through their voluntary contributions, State co-financing retirement savings for this category of participants.

Remind participants paid in 2015 year voluntary contributions of less than 2 000 BYR that State co-financing you get only if the sum of your contributions to 31.12.2015 year will be at least 2000 rubles.

For payment you can choose the convenient way: through the Bank or through the employer. To list yourself through a Bank, you must receive the payment receipt with the details in the management of the RPF in Pavlovsk area (room 306). In addition, you can find the forms payment receipts on the Internet site of the FIU Additional contributions through the employer listed on the basis of a declaration by which the program participant will be credited on a monthly basis the required amount of salary. In addition, the employer may make another party co-financing and transfer the credits to retire its employee voluntary contribution, the amount of which is not limited.

Head UPFR in Pavlovsk area I.m. Andrusevich

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