Information for policyholders

The FIU in the Pavlovsk region is working on the reception of lists of preferential professions and posts for 2017 from policyholders who have employees in special working conditions in the state.

Acceptance of documents is carried out in accordance with the approved schedule. The report for all four quarters of 2017 in the previous program "List of preferential professions and posts" version (if the program is lost, it can be taken on the Internet, download and fill) is prepared.

You must provide:

  1. Printed list of preferential professions and posts for 1, 2, 3 and 4 kv. 2017 (Final form, list, lists by name and by units). The name lists for each quarter must be signed by the specialist responsible for the preparation of the Szv.

  2. List files from the program (version

  3. Copies (all copies must be certified with the signature and seal of the manager):

  • (all in force during 2017),

  • Metering lists,

  • Charter, license, etc. (If during 2017, Changed)

  • Orders for admission, dismissal, transfers recipients, leave without maintenance, study leave, etc. Periods not included in the grace period (orders on labor leave do not need to do)

  • Orders for equipment, job descriptions, inventory cards, etc. , those passports of the equipment-for newly accepted employees—-except for pedagogical and medical workers

  • Report on the conduct of special evaluations and maps of special evaluations on beneficiaries (if not previously provided)—-except for pedagogical and medical workers

  • Job descriptions of pedagogical and medical workers-if changed during 2017

4. Certificate for temporary employees working for the period of absence of the main employee (Appendix № 2)

5. Help on payment of additional information Insurance premiums for January-December 2017 (appendix 1) + Copies of payment orders for January-December 2017 —-except for pedagogical and medical workers

4. Certificate (complete from the very beginning) on reorganization of the Enterprise (institution)-if there was a renaming during 2017-18 GG.

In addition, all the above documents should be prepared and scanned. Scanning is carried out from the originals in color. Each document should be scanned separately and have the name of the content (for example, the list by units, the order for IVANOVU1, the order for Ivanov 2, etc. P.).


Insured signatories to the electronic interaction agreements may provide the above report for 1-4, 2017. With all documents by telecommunication channels (in the "Letter" tab)-if there are no errors.

Head of the group Oppzl Gorban E.B., Cab 308, T. 3-11-51

Annex № 1


Ref. №, Date


Payment of insurance premiums at the corresponding tariffs established by the

Art. 58.3 of the federal law of 24.07.2009, № 212-FZ

"On insurance contributions to the pension fund of the Russian Federation…"

Dana is that ______________naimenovanie strahovatelja_____________________________

Since 01.01.2017, by 31.12.2017 G. Insurance premiums on additional tariff for persons engaged in special working conditions on CSC (to specify the number of CSC) were paid:

  1. № Snils, full name

  2. …..

  3. …..

Basis of issue: payment orders for January-December 2017 are)


Head of _____________________ Name

Buhgalter________________________f. Acting, phone

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