Information for policyholders

The FIU office in Pavlovsk district reminds of the obligation of insurers to provide lists of persons applying for retirement in the next 2 years. This information should be submitted to the Pension rights Assessment Group of the insured persons

(Nr. 308, tel. 3-11-51) in time until October 1, 2018. :

  1. Lists of persons retiring on general grounds or early retirement in 2019 and in 2020 (separately)-in electronic form (on USB Flash carrier or to send by telecommunication channels of communication) and printed out of a file signed by the manager and certified by the Seal of the Organization (file stationery is located on the site Http:// _p_new. xls-Before filling, be sure to read the instruction in the lower left corner).

The lists are prepared in the previous format (in the "Future pensioners" tab in the program "Lists of preferential professions") for persons outgoing for early retirement pensions.

2. For all persons outgoing for retirement in 2019-2020. -high-quality copies of documents:

A) passport (spreads with photo, name and address),

b) Insurance certificate (plastic card),

b) Work books-all pages in a row, except blank sheets and records of awards and gratitude. When scanning multiple work. Books from one person-request pictures to call differently (e.g. work book or work book Kolh, etc.) –,

d) Military ticket (the first two reversals),

e) Diplomas, other documents on study (confrontation form of training)

e) For women-marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, as well as documents confirming the fact that the child has reached the age of 8 years (school certificates, etc.),

g) Certificates of wages up to 01.01.2002 G.-If available,

h) Preferential certificates (outgoing for early retirement)

and other documents proving the work. Seniority (if any),

i) application for Request for statement HUD (original) (form see Annex 2)

k) a declaration of consent to the transfer of the Persian data (form see Annex 3)

K) in the presence of dependents (children under 23 years of age, full-time students)–copies of the passport and snils of the child

Recordings made by pencil, erase.

Certify ("Copy true") copies of these documents are not necessary.

Documents for each person to attach to a file.

3. Insured, who have concluded agreements on electronic interaction in the provision of documents for the purpose of pension, submit all the above documents (paragraph 2) on outgoing to retire also in electronic form via telecommunication channels Connection (program contour) According to the scanning rules (appendix № 3 to the agreement). On the day of sending the documents please inform us by phone 3-16-80 Anna Olegovna (number 103).

Scanned documents for persons outgoing for retirement in 2019 are now available, and on outgoing retirement in 2020-

In January 2019

If there are no persons retiring-then submit a certificate signed and certified by the Seal of the head (for example, "at 01.09.2018 G. Persons retiring on general grounds and early retirement pensions in 2019-2020. , no "-stamp, ref. №, number, seal and director's signature).

In case the package with copies of documents on the insured persons, uh. Retired in 2019 was provided with a list last year, then re-copies of documents do not do (prepare and surrender only list for 2019)


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