Instructions for completing the insurers on nominal list of list of preferential professions

To avoid receiving protocol errors during automatic file checking lists of preferential professions and personal information in part a grace period when completing the roll-call list we recommend to pay attention to the following:

  1. all information specified in a roll-call list (name, SNILS, work periods. activities rate and t. p. ) must match the information provided in the individual information (pay special attention to the letter Ё-if in SNILS and in the name of Black, and in a roll-call list should be black)

  2. In case the insured person during the reporting period off work, paid employment leave, leave without pay, etc. d. must be specified opposite those periods correspond to codes "VRNETRUD", "DLOTPUSK", "ADMINISTRATOR", etc. d.

  3. Preferential code (27-2, 27PD, 27PŽ, etc. d.) must stand 1-ohm, and codes "VRNETRUD", "DLOTPUSK", "DECREE"-2-ohm window.

  4. When filling the data on work activities include all periods during the quarter, including If you worked on a preferential professions. For example, 01.10.2012. by 20.11.2013 g. -locksmith, 21.11.2013 g. by 31.12.2013 g. -the electric welder of manual welding and cutting-in list making periods post locksmith 01.10.2013-20.11.2013 code 101, the post of "21.11.2013" welder-31.12.2013 27-2 23200000-19756.

  5. If the period of work. not specified preferential code, and in the column "rate" must be 0 (zero).

  6. Due to the fact that at the time of individual information on privileged persons for quarter 3, 2013. Accountants were admitted many mistakes-at the end of the nominal list of the Accountant responsible for the surrender of individual information yourselves make the inscription "with all the information, specified in a roll-call list"-assure his signature with a breakdown and a telephone.

In case of revealing at the time 4 IP quarter, 2013. errors in the part of grace in individual information or nominal lists Running RPF will be sent letters about providing inaccurate information to the FIU to the head of your organization (institution) and on educational institutions is also addressed to the Office of education administration MO Pavlovsky district.

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