Leave without pay for teachers

According to p. 5 Rules for calculating periods of work in a work assignment early old-age pension in the ACC. articles 27 and 28 No. 173-FZ "on labor pensions in the Russian Federation, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 11.07.2002 g. # 516 in seniority entitling to the early appointment of the labour old age pension when calculating periods of such work in calendar order included periods of annual basic and additional paid holidays, which is established by the procedure for the granting of articles 114-116 of the labour code of the Russian Federation and is governed by federal law.

Inclusion in seniority, against which the labour is assigned early old-age pension, other leave granted along with major and minor annual paid leave, the rules are not provided. Such leave may be granted leave to employees pursuant to Articles 173-176 of the labour code of the Russian Federation, including leave without pay.

In addition, the teaching staff of an educational institution not less than ten years of continuous teaching experience are eligible for an extended vacation for up to one year, the order and the conditions for the granting of which shall be determined by the institution and (or) the Charter of this educational institution.

When applying for leave without pay, an employer should remember that workers engaged in work to qualify for early appointment of labor retirement pension, these periods are not included in grace.

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