Lump sum payments to the 70-th anniversary of Victory

My mom only in April received a certificate worker rear. In may, however, have not yielded her pension lump sum payout. Based on whether the payment to the 70th anniversary of the victory?

Lump sum payments to the 70-th anniversary of victory in the amount of $ 7000 or 3000 rubles will receive nearly 80 thousand war veterans living in Krasnodar Krai. The appropriate decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
By 7000 rubles paid disabled and war veterans, former minor prisoners of concentration camps, widows of soldiers killed in the great patriotic war, the war with Finland and Japan, widows of deceased disabled and war veterans, partisans, acting in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR, persons working on military installations, citizens, awarded with Medal «for Leningrad defense», «Inhabitant blocking Leningrad».
According to former prisoners of adults received 3000 Nazi concentration camps, prisons and of the ghetto, the citizens who worked in the rear not less than six months (excluding the period of work in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR) and those who were decorated with the orders or medals of the USSR for self-denying work during the great patriotic war.
Lump-sum payments were made to the territorial administrations of the Pension Fund of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION in the towns and districts of Krasnodar region in April-May 2015, together with pensions. In our area, all such payments received more than one thousand persons in excess of 5 million rubles. These payments were made on the basis of the data available to the Office of the pension fund without claiming any additional documents. If you have documents confirming your right to these payment and have not received them, please contact Office of the Pension Fund, with supporting documents. Contact 101 and 109 should be the Cabinet Office at: art. Pavlovskaya St., Bitter 292-and

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