Maternal capital: monthly payment to low-income families

Immediately after the new Year holidays the pension fund of Russia begins to accept applications from needy families to receive monthly payments from the means of the mother capital. Only those families in need, in which the second child is born or will be adopted after January 1, 2018, are repaid, i.e., the mother will file two applications at once: To receive the certificate and to establish the payment. At the same time parents of the child will be able to apply for snils child.

To understand whether a family has the right to pay, it is necessary to take the total income of the family in the last 12 calendar months, divide it by 12, and then divide by the number of family members, including the born second child. If the received value is less than 1.5 times the subsistence minimum of a working citizen in the region of family residence, you can go to the pension fund and apply for a monthly payment.

1.5-fold subsistence minimums in all subjects of the Russian Federation are given in the table below. For more convenience, the table also shows the maximum monthly income of families of 3 and 4 people, giving them the right to a monthly payment.

The calculation of the total income of the family takes into account salaries, bonuses, pensions, social benefits, scholarships, various kinds of compensation, alimony, etc. When applying to the pension fund, the amounts of these payments must be confirmed by the relevant documents, except for payments received from the FIU. The calculation does not take into account the sums of lump-sum assistance from the federal budget due to emergencies, income from bank deposits and rental of property.

The monthly payment shall not be granted if the children are at full state security if the inaccurate information about the family's income is provided, as well as to the citizens who are deprived of their parental rights.

You can apply for a monthly payment at any time for a year and a half from the date of birth of the second child. If to apply in the first six months, payment will be established from the date of birth of the child, that is, the funds will be paid including the months before the treatment. If you apply later than six months, the payment is established from the date of application.

The application for the appointment of a monthly payment can be submitted to the client service of the Russian pension fund. The law assigns a month to the pension Fund for consideration of the application and issuance of the certificate for the mother's family capital and another ten working days for the transfer of funds. The money will be transferred to the citizen's account in the Russian credit institution.

The amount of payment also depends on the region-it is equal to the subsistence minimum for children, which is established in the subject of RF for the second quarter of the previous year. If the family applies for payment in 2018, its size will be the subsistence minimum for children for the second quarter of 2017. All dimensions are also shown in the table below.

Monthly payment is made until the child reaches the age of one and a half, but the first paid period is calculated for a year. After that, the application for its appointment must be re-submitted. Payments are terminated if the mother's capital is used completely, the family changes the place of residence or the child is a year and a half. Payouts can be suspended if necessary.

Subsistence and family income

Subject of the Russian Federation

Subsistence minimum for able-bodied citizen in the subject of the RF

Income per family member at the rate of 1, 5 subsistence minimum of able-bodied citizen

Family income of 4 people in 2017 (parents and two children)

Family income of 3 people in 2017 (mother and 2 children)

Amount of lump sum payment to the family-subsistence minimum of the child in the subject of RF

Krasnodar region

11 141


66 846


9 845

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