Maternal capital: New in 2018

The Department of the Russian Federation pension Fund on the Krasnodar Edge reminds that since 2018 the program of the maternal capital has been expanded taking into account the new demographic measures adopted by the RF government to support Russian families with children. In accordance with the approved changes, the families, in particular, are given greater opportunities to use the mother's capital immediately after the birth or adoption of the second child.

Monthly payment of the mother's capital

First of all, families with low incomes (less than 1, 5 subsistence minimum of the working-age population per one person in the family – in Krasnodar Krai less than 16711.5 rubles) were entitled to monthly payment from the mother's capital in case of birth of the second Child from January 1, 2018. Payment is granted until the child reaches the age of 1.5. For the convenience of families, the application for payment can be made within 6 months from the birth of the child – the funds will be paid for all the time elapsed since then. When applying after 6 months, the payment shall be made from the date of its application.

The amount of the payment from the mother's capital depends on the region of the family's residence and is equal to the child's subsistence minimum for the 2nd quarter of the previous year. That is, for families who applied to the pension fund in 2018, the amount of payment will be equal to the subsistence minimum of the child for the 2nd quarter of 2017-in Krasnodar Krai 9845 rubles. It should be remembered that the monthly payment is set for one year and after this time the family needs to re-apply to the FIU Client service in order to submit a new application for the provision of funds.

Preschool education, child care and childcare

Maternal capital has always provided for the disposal of funds for educational services for children. Previously, it was possible to use money for these purposes only three years after the birth or adoption of the child, for whom the mother's capital was given.

Since 2018, families have received financial support for pre-school education almost immediately after childbirth, since the mother's capital can now be used within two months of acquiring the right to it. It is possible to dispose of the funds in such period for the payment of kindergarten and nurseries, including private, and also for payment of services on care and childcare. In both cases, it is necessary for the organization to have a license to provide the relevant services.

Preferential mortgage for families with two and three children

Russian families, in which in 2018-2021 A second or third child will be able to take advantage of preferential credit conditions to improve their living conditions. The preferential mortgage can also be extinguished by means of the parent capital. It is not necessary to wait for the triennium of the child who gave the right to the certificate.

Despite the fact that preferential lending conditions are not directly related to the program of the mother capital, it is nevertheless an important step of the state to support families with children. Credit funds are allocated to families with two and three children at a discounted rate of 6% per annum. It is possible to use them for purchase of an apartment or a house, including with a land plot, and also under construction under the contract of participation in the share building. Previously issued loans and loans for the purchase of housing can also be redeemed by means of a preferential mortgage.

It is also worth recalling that the possibility of entering the program of the mother's capital is extended to December 31, 2021. That is, in order to obtain the right to a mother's capital it is necessary that the child who entitles the certificate is born or was adopted on 31 December 2021. At the same time, the receipt of the certificate and the disposal of its funds are not limited.

The size of the maternal capital in 2018 is 453 thousand rubles. More than 310 thousand certificates for Mother's (family) capital have been issued on the territory of Krasnodar region.

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