May employers will donate a new reporting

May 2016 years for policyholders introduces a new form of reporting to the FIU. Monthly, not later than 10 numbers, employers will be required to submit in UPFR information about each employee-insurance number individual personal account (SNILS), full name, taxpayer identification number (Tin). Taking into account holidays first statements for April to be submitted to the FIU to May 10, 2016 year inclusive.

For failure to submit data in a prescribed time limit or submission of incomplete and/or inaccurate information employers waiting for a fine of 500 rubles for each employee.

New reporting introduced in connection with the change of order of indexing insurance pensions. With the year 2016 for indexing are only available for non-working pensioners. The fact of employment (or lack thereof) will be determined by the UPFR according to the monthly reports from employers. Based on these data, pensions non-working pensioners will be held in bezzaâvitel′nom order.

Please note that the introduction of the new accountability does not cancel the quarterly report assessed and paid insurance contributions (form RSV-1). In April, employers will report in UPFR and the quarterly and monthly.

On the submission of monthly reports must be treated in rooms 302, 303, 306, 307 Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area or call 10/5/03-10-03, 5-56-5, 88-71-53.

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