Move to the NPF is voluntary.

Question: lately, banks, insurance companies and other places importunately demand-translate my retirement savings in different non-State pension funds, once even came home, presented themselves as officers of the Pension Fund of Russia. And all one argument-if you don't send in the NPF savings, from next year the State will collect them and allow retired pensioners. You can really be left without retirement savings, and whether it is necessary to transfer money from the State Pension Fund in private?

Answer: your state pension savings "myself" to pick up and retired current retirees wouldn't allow. No requirements to compulsory pension savings transfer NPF does not exist. Regardless of where they are formed (it can be both the RPF and pension fund) invested and will you be paid after retirement, so the insurer, which has shaped your retirement savings.

Translate accumulation pension fund or not, your right. You must decide who in part future retirement you more trust-State or private companies.

If you do decide to transfer retirement savings in the NPF, treat choosing maximum Fund responsibly. Choice to do consciously, rather than signing, as is often the case, some documents when applying for jobs, loan, buying a mobile phone, etc. p. Do not forget-if you are changing the pension fund more frequently than every five years, your money is transferred into him without taking account of investment income. It is unprofitable for you. In addition, if you pay voluntary contributions under the programme of State co-financing of pensions, we must remember that these contributions relate to funded pensions and also invested. In the event of a transfer of their pension savings in pension fund, you transfer to the Fund of voluntary contributions paid by you and the amount of co-financing, which adds you state.

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